Service Offerings

Through Guidepost Systems there are a number of ways I can help you and your organization. Below are details around the following offerings:

Organizational Assessment

My Organizational Assessment package helps your organization determine places you can dramatically improve your software delivery practices. These engagements leverage my decades of experience working in software delivery environments ranging from small startups to Fortune Ten global manufacturing firms.

What It Is

Organizational Assessments center around a three day on-site engagement. A pre-visit questionnaire helps set the stage for your priorities and environment. The on-site portion uses interviews, work pairing, codebase examinations, etc. Where appropriate, workshops such as value stream mapping are also used to help identify areas for improvement.

Each on-site day ends with a short retrospective and review with your key players. This ensures you and your teams understands how the assessment is going, and can provide feedback or new direction as needed.

What You Get

Report Every Organizational Assessment results in a report laying out findings/observations. Each observation has actionable recommendations to improve the particular finding. The draft report is used during the assessment out briefing, and the final report is delivered within one week of the on-site visit's completion.

An example of a finding from an actual assessment:

Establish Core “Done” Criteria That Apply Across All Verticals Currently every vertical has its own definition of “Done.” This allows every vertical to tailor their process for their unique environment. While this is extremely flexible, the lack of a common subset of “Done” criteria means common critical tasks are frequently left off. This would include load and performance testing, stable deployment automation, and service integration testing among other tasks.

Recommendation: Establish a subset of common “Done” criteria that’s applicable to every item making its way in to production (or supports something in production). All verticals and roles, including business, should be involved establishing these criteria.

I’d recommend the highest item on the list be something that emphasizes focusing on the customer, akin to “Customer Value In Production.”

Other items I would recommend for inclusion: * Appropriate automated testing in place. By specifying “appropriate” the team is given responsibility for deciding how much and of what type. * Appropriate Load and Performance testing accomplished. Call out load and performance separately because it’s a more involved effort.

Out Briefing

Every on-site visit ends with a one- to two-hour out briefing where I meet with key players to walk through the major findings and recommendations. This gives an initial view to the findings, and also gives you an opportunity to add information where needed or call out major areas that may have been missed.

Follow On Call

Every assessment includes a one-hour follow on call, usually scheduled for one month after the on-site visit. This is a chance to discuss you and your organization's progress on report findings and recommendations.

What It Costs

$10,000 plus travel.

See the Travel Policy for additional information on expenses.

Consulting Engagement

I can help you improve specific areas in your software delivery organizations. Many consulting engagements result from the desire to work on specific findings from an Organizational Assessment; however, I'm excited to help organizations regardless of the starting point.

Some examples of things I've accomplished in the past:

  • Lead responsibility for rescuing product company's critical customer relationship with a Fortune 500 client near to dropping company due to long-running product quality issues
  • Long-term engagement to bring testers at a Fortune Ten manufacturing company into modern testing practices including exploratory testing, building ground-level coding competency, and other similar skills
  • Worked with product team to reorganize fractured development and test teams into feature-based consolidated teams
  • Delivered workshops designed to improve test-related skills for testers, business analysts, and program managers
  • Delivered workshops designed to provide testers, business analysts, and program managers basic competency for writing software code in appropriate tasks such as UI testing, build scripting, and working as an effective pair partner with a developer

Other specific accomplishments can be seen in my resume.

What It Is

My consulting engagements are focused on specific deliverables, tasks, or accomplishments that you, your organization, and I agree to. My mission is to help your organization improve itself.

What You Get

Consulting engagements are usually a combination of on-site and remote work. Time is spent mentoring, providing feedback, and accomplishing specific daily tasks such as helping teams write test and system code, identifying constraints and bottlenecks,

What It Costs

Hourly rate: $200 Daily rate: $1,600

Rate discounts negotiable for engagements over 30 days.

See the Travel Policy for additional information on expenses.


Do you need direct, one-on-one help with your career? I can help you determine an actionable list of goals, serve as an accountability partner, provide an outside viewpoint, and help you move yourself forward—all in the form of an extremely compassionate, empathetic relationship.

What It Is

In my 35 years of professional life ranging from the US Air Force to my current Guidepost Systems I've mentored hundreds of people in widely differing roles.

I can help you in many differing aspects of your professional life, including:

  • Leadership growth, including all the messy things around dealing with humans
  • Mapping out and executing professional skills growth
  • Technical skills development
  • Emotional Intelligence development

What You Get

Mentoring packages start with an hour-long session to discuss your goals and interests.

After that we'll meet 1:1 each week for 30 minute feedback sessions to discuss your progress and adapt as necessary. I'll provide feedback and thoughts where needed, and support as you require. Sometimes that's targeted suggestions, sometimes it's simply allowing you to rant or vent a bit before taking some productive steps.

At all times I serve as an accountability partner to make sure you're being productive about the things you feel are important.

These sessions are also expected to be two-way discussions. You get to hold me accountable to ensure you're getting the results you want!

Mentoring sessions are preferably held over Skype, but may be a phone call as needed. Face-to-face is always wonderful if we're in the same geographic area.

What It Costs

Three month mentoring package: $2,500

Six month mentoring package: $4,500