Travel Policy

Travel Policy

Guidepost Systems will arrange all travel and invoice you for costs.

Air travel: via United Airlines or a United partner network. Domestic travel will be Economy Plus class. International will be Business class. (As a bit of elaboration: Traveling in Business class means I can arrive the day before our engagement, yet be refreshed and ready to dive straight in to productive work the first day.)

Lodging: Marriott Hotels preferred. Hilton brand is acceptable alternative. Please discuss with us if neither is acceptable to your organization’s travel policies—or if neither are available.

Local Travel: Rental via Hertz or Avis where available and appropriate. Shuttle, local cab, Uber if not.

Food: $50 per day per diem, except in high-cost areas. High-cost areas will be invoiced at actual expenses.

Incidentals: You will cover reasonable incidentals such as laundry, gas, etc.


Airfare portion of travel expenses must be paid in full before travel will be booked.

Remaining costs for workshops and assessments are due immediately upon completion of work (delivery of report for assessments)

Consulting Engagement costs are billed monthly, due immediately upon receipt.